Sarah Newport

book launch

Sarah Newport is the Research Assistant for the Postcolonial Studies Centre. Her primary focuses are the Changing Wor(l)ds Network, a literature festival to be held in 2019, and the centre’s REF2021 impact case study.

Sarah’s own research explores constructions and conceptualisations of gender as a means of social negotiation and positioning. Her PhD thesis, ‘Writing Otherness: Uses of History and Mythology in Constructing Literary Representations of India’s Hijras’ is awaiting viva. Her journal article ‘”Unnatural Offences”, Postcolonial Problems: The ambivalent position of hijras in contemporary Indian law and literature’ is available online here. Sarah’s next project intends to explore the use of colonialism as a trope in speculative fiction, with emphasis on gender constructions.

You can contact Sarah by email at, or follow her on twitter via @LittleBigFisch or the Changing Wor(l)ds Network account, @CW_NTU.