Postcolonial research seminar series, 2017-2018

Weds 1st Nov, 1-2pm, MAE101. SERIES LAUNCH.
Join us for refreshments and hear new Creative Writing staff member Eve Makis
speaking on her novel about Cypriot politics. The PSC’s new Research Associate,
Sarah Newport, will also be there to introduce herself.

Weds 22nd November, 1-2pm, MAE101.
Dr Robert Spencer (University of Manchester): The Cultural Logic of Post-Capitalism

Weds 29th November, 1-2pm, MAE101.
Dr Amy Rushton (English, NTU), speaking on ‘Mental Health and World Literature’.

Weds 6 December, 10:00am-5:00pm, Newton building, NTU City campus
Literary Cultures Conference: Culture, Identity, Oppression
organised and run by students on the Literary Cultures module
Guest speaker: Lainy Malkani, reading from and discussing Sugar, Sugar, her recently published book of short stories about indentured labour and migration and its aftermath. Contact for further details

Weds 10th January, 2-3pm, MAE101.
Dr Ramona Usher (Architecture and Design, NTU) speaking on ‘Ireland: Post-colonial
with a ? and ‘-‘.

Weds 24th Jan, 3-5pm, MAE101.
Dr Emma Bird (English, University of Warwick), running an interactive poetry

Weds 7th Feb, 2-3pm, MAE101.
Jean Morris (Travel / Creative Writing PhD, NTU), leading a discussion session on
David Bradley’s ‘Eulogy for N*****’ (excerpts provided in advance; available outside

Weds 28 March, 1-2pm, MAE101.
Muzna Rahman (MMU): postcolonial studies, world literature and film, eco-criticism

March – NTU/Leeds PhD exchange event. Watch this space!

Thurs 26th April, 1-2pm, MAE008.
Dr Colin Alexander (Media, NTU), speaking on ‘Avoidable Starvation: Understanding
the Bengal Famine of 1943’.