Patrick Williams

Professor Patrick Williams is a member of the Communication, Cultural and Media Studies research group.

His research interests include postcolonial studies generally, including:

  • Postcolonial theory (especially Edward Said and Frantz Fanon)
  • Postcolonial cultural production (written – e.g. novel and poetry; visual – e.g. film, documentary, graphic art)
  • Diaspora and migration studies (theory and cultural production)
  • Race, representation and contemporary British culture
  • National identity
  • Utopian studies (theory and cultural production)

Research projects currently and previously supervised include: postcolonial theory and textuality; diasporic Cypriot identity in Britain; the political theatre of Athol Fugard; inter-generational use of the Internet in West Africa; postcolonial and diasporic fiction in Britain; inter-cultural identity formation in the UK.