Centre Co-Directors

Anna Ball

Jenni Ramone



Colin Alexander

Olga Bailey

Bill Balaskas

Cuneyt Cakirlar

Carlos Marquez Diaz

Chris Farrands

Sophie Fuggle

Octavia Harris

Arin Keeble

Hui-Ying Kerr

Phil Leonard

Kathryn Lum

Sharon Monteith

Sarah Newport

Claire Newstead

Martin O’Shaugnessy

Amy Rushton

Humaira Saeed

Roy Smith

Andrew Thacker

Nicole Thiara

Alun Thomas

Ramona Usher

Patrick Williams

Tim Youngs

Nahem Yousaf


Postgraduate Members

Sofia Aatkar

Daniel Bilton

Bethan Evans

Fran Hajat 

Mahtab Hussain

Charlie Jones

Jean Morris

Jenny Owen

Conna Ray

Veronika Schuchter

Mara Sprengel

Georgia Stabler

Callam Standen


Associate Members

Shantel Edwards

Norma Gregory

Elahe Haschemi-Yekani

Lucy Judd

Razia Parveen

Rebecca Pedrick

Sarah Pett


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