Changing Wor(l)ds: Cultural Activism in the Literary Marketplace

If you would like to join the network or have any questions, please contact the Postcolonial Studies Centre’s Research Assistant Sarah Newport via You can also follow us on twitter @CW_NTU.


Network Members: Please click here to access the discussion forum.


Changing Wor(l)ds is intended to explore particular social issues and the impact that writing can have as a contribution to cultural activism. We are a network of industry professionals, cultural activists and scholars working together to enhance the availability of radical and marginal literature and respond to the needs of a changing marketplace. We use a collaborative model to support each others’ work, enhance the availability of writing by radically marginalised authors, and bring more diverse literature to the public through publication and community-facing events.

The network was inaugurated on Friday 13th April 2018, with the founder members coming together to explore how we can enact change in the literary marketplace and how the network might work as a foundation to support our initiatives. The inaugural events were covered by Times Higher Education, Left Lion and BBC Radio Nottingham.

The network will be governed by its members, but begins from a need to explore urgent questions including:

How reflective is the publishing landscape of its readership and their needs?
How can publishing enact social change?
How can activists, publishers, book sellers and academics work together to enact change?
What can we do to extend the range and reach of radical literature?
What is the role of translation in cultural activism, and what is being done to ensure the availability of works in translation?