University Funded PhD Studentship: Postcolonial Literatures: Activism, Resistance, Consciousness

Nottingham Trent University
School of Arts and Humanities, University Funded PhD Studentship, 2017 Entry

Supervised by Dr Anna Ball/Dr Jenni Ramone/Dr Nicole Thiara – Postcolonial Literatures: Activism, Resistance, Consciousness

For informal discussion regarding the project, please contact:;;

Applications are invited for a project focused on the analysis of postcolonial literary texts (in all forms and genres, including film and visual culture) which engage in some way with activism, resistance, and/or consciousness. Projects are invited which engage with any region relevant to Postcolonial Studies, but the supervisory team have specific research interests in the following locations: South Asia; Middle East, particularly Israel/Palestine; Nigeria; North Africa; Cuba; UK (Black British writing; British Asian writing; Middle Eastern diaspora writing).

Projects might address one or more of the following questions (the list is intended to be illustrative, not exhaustive) in relation to their regional focus and period: In what ways do postcolonial literary texts represent activism, or resistance events and movements? What forms does cultural activism take in postcolonial literary texts? What different spaces do resistance or activist movements occupy in literary texts? How might a twenty-first century postcolonial literary studies intersect with other modes of social activism, consciousness-raising, and resistance, for instance as evidenced in the Occupy Movement? What forms of consciousness persist in contemporary postcolonial writing, and how does this relate to previous forms (such as 1970s Black Consciousness)? What relationships exist between postcolonial literature and activism, resistance, or consciousness?

We invite projects which demonstrate a sound understanding of the ways in which their focus and scope (the literary texts, the research questions, the region and period) relate to postcolonial studies, while emphasizing the potential breadth of this field. We therefore invite projects which engage with neocolonialism, transnationalism, neoliberalism, migration and diaspora, including contemporary migration in the context of globalization.

The supervisory team have particular research interests in the following areas and invite projects which engage with resistance, activism, and/or consciousness in these subjects or in other postcolonial contexts: 
Dalit literature 
The literary marketplace 
Postcolonial feminism 
Representations of refugee experience 
Literature and film 
Spatial theory 
Translation theory

Entry Criteria UK 1st Class/2:1 Bachelor’s degree (or UK equivalent according to NARIC), or 2:2 with UK Masters degree with minimum of merit in English Literature or a related subject. Good knowledge of postcolonial studies (demonstrated through undergraduate or postgraduate work, or other engagement with the field)

The closing date for applications is 12 pm, Friday 9 December 2016.…/ntu_doctora…/studentships/index.html

Important note: all applications for the project must be accompanied by a research proposal, which should be approximately 1000-2000 words. Proposals should (1) identify the proposed research supervisor from the list shown below, and (2) give details of your proposed research project. The proposal should be clearly aligned to the PhD topic listed.

The full list of Arts and Humanities 2017 studentships at NTU is below:

1. Professor Bill Niven – Remembering and Representing Genocide 
2. Professor Phil Leonard – Contemporary Literature, Culture, Politics 
3. Dr Duncan Grewcock – Emotional Heritage and Interpretation: The Workhouse in Britain 
4. Professor Martin O’Shaughnessy – Film in the Crisis 
5. Dr Anna Ball/Dr Jenni Ramone/Dr Nicole Thiara – Postcolonial Literatures: Activism, Resistance, Consciousness 
6. Dr Chris Reynolds – 1968 @ 50 
7. Dr Natalie Braber – Language Variation in the East Midlands 
8. Dr Nicholas Morton/Dr Natasha Hodgson – Religion and Conflict in the age of the Crusades, 1050-1400 
9. Professor Jean-Pierre Boulé – Contemporary French and Francophone Literature 
10. Dr Nick Hayes – Local welfare and hospital provision in Britain 1900-50 
11. Professor Andrew Thacker – Modernism, Modernity and Periodical Culture 
12. Dr Daniel Cordle – Nuclear Literature and Culture

The closing date for applications is 12 pm, Friday 9 December 2016.…/ntu_doctora…/studentships/index.html

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