Postcolonial Studies Centre at NTU

Founded in 2000, the Postcolonial Studies Centre (PSC) at Nottingham Trent University is a cross-disciplinary, transregional research hub that seeks to further understanding of the complex manifestations and afterlives of colonialism, and to explore the radical possibilities afforded by postcolonial culture and thought. The PSC draws together colleagues in fields ranging from Literature to Fashion, Economics to Archeology, and benefits from the diverse approaches to ‘the postcolonial’ afforded by this interdisciplinarity. The PSC engages in a rich and varied programme of activities, through which it seeks to advance understanding of the significance of postcolonial thought, culture and activity both within and beyond the academy. These activities include:

* Supporting individual and collective research by colleagues within and beyond the PSC

* Generating dialogue and discussion through regular research events

* Supporting and developing teaching and postgraduate work in postcolonial studies

* Engaging in impact and outreach activities with communities and partners beyond the University.

The PSC is directed by Dr Jenni Ramone and Dr Nicole Thiara. Committed to democratic collective working practices, the PSC’s activities are shaped by an Advisory Board consisting of colleagues at all career stages from across the university. If you would like to join the Advisory Board, or find out more about the PSC, please feel free to contact either Jenni or Nicole at or

Homepage image: Magie Relph, “Packing List for the Fabric Hunter.” We are grateful for Magie Relph’s permission to use her work.

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